Game of Thrones Season 8

5 Game of Thrones plots abandoned by the show

| Film 5 Game of Thrones plots abandoned by the show We'll never see these subplots on screen Apr 12 2019- 13:29 BST

In particularly, you can't stream Game of Thrones on Netflix, Sling TV, or YouTube TV - because none of them have agreements for streaming HBO content.

The only way to watch every new episode of Game of Thrones is with an HBO subscription. However, since the first (out of 6) episode of the final season of the series airs in a couple of hours, we bring some details about Season 8 of Game of Thrones and how you can watch it online.

There are so many different ways Daenerys' story can come to an end, but here are a few of the more well-known theories about what's in store for her during season 8. It's finally time to see who will win the Iron Throne, whether the Night King can be stopped, and if Jon Snow will ever learn the truth about his parentage.

The answer lies in Foxtel Now - Foxtel's on-demand streaming service. Nor can you buy the episodes on Amazon Video - although you will be able to do that eventually.

The man is followed around by "Thrones"-esque characters who yell "Shame!" and throw newspapers and garbage at him". However, unlike HBO Now, HBO Go is free and can only be used if you have an active HBO subscription as part of your cable or satellite TV package.

With the long-awaited final season of Game of Thrones premiering on Sunday night, the satellite television company is directing its subscribers to sign up for HBO Now. Again, you can bypass the geo-restiction using a VPN. This season is rumoured to be more bloody than all previous seasons. The most premium plan (Ultra bundle) on the PlayStation Vue platform costs $80/month and comes with HBO.

While you can't stream the channel live, you can stream the episodes through your HBO Now account.

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