Hundreds Come Out To Easter Egg Hunt At Memorial Park In Maplewood

Eager youngsters head toward the field of eggs during First Friday on April 5

Eager youngsters head toward the field of eggs during First Friday on April 5

With pails and baskets in hand, they were ready to collect as numerous 1,000 colored plastic eggs filled with Hershey's Kisses as possible.

Oakman Mayor Cory Franks said DJ Michael Warren will provide entertainment, and the Easter Bunny will take photos with children, free of charge. According to the department's Facebook page, a total of 51 bicycles were given out to children as part of the event.

April 20 from 10 noon (Easter egg hunt begins at 11 a.m.) @ 5901 W 84th St., Bloomington, April 20 from 10 noon (egg hunt starts at 11 a.m.) @ 17297 Glacier Way, Rosemount,

Public egg hunts are planned from Vail to Gypsum, with each community putting its own spin on this signature Easter activity.

Just north of Northeast Minneapolis, parents and children ages 7 and under are invited to search for eggs with the help of a flashlight.

Children raced around the lawn at the Racine Library on Saturday picking up Easter Eggs. "I post a clue for each egg everyday so they can target one specific egg or they can go general on all of them".

Pearl specialist Koji Kawamoto will be traveling here from Japan with his hand-selected pearls for an Easter weekend show at Karats in Vail. An evening service at The Riverwalk will also take place at 6:30 p.m.

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