Ireland and France highlight no deal Brexit damage

Prime Minister Theresa May leaves from the rear of 10 Downing Street on Monday

Prime Minister Theresa May leaves from the rear of 10 Downing Street on Monday

After her European Union withdrawal deal was rejected three times by lawmakers, the Conservative prime minister invited Corbyn, a veteran socialist, to talks in parliament to try to plot a way out of the crisis. "The government stands ready to abide by the decision of the House, ' she said on Tuesday evening following a lengthy cabinet meeting that spanned seven hours".

"I simply can not support any further extension to Auricle 50, and this obviously means I can not stay in Government".

She has promised to step down if her withdrawal agreement is passed by parliament and her overture to Corbyn has alienated some Conservatives still further.

"Let's cross our fingers for Theresa May for her efforts, let's hope that she can convince the members of the lower house of parliament and maybe find a way to avoid a hard Brexit after all", he said. "It now seems all too likely that British trade policy and key law-making powers will be handed over to Brussels - with no say for the United Kingdom", he added, insisting that there were no circumstances in which he could support being part of a customs union with the EU.

Her cross-party talks - after nearly three years of seeking to push through her own version of a Brexit divorce deal - came amid European Union warnings that a damaging withdrawal without a plan was growing more likely by the day. Corbyn, who voted against joining the bloc in 1975, has said Brexit should include a customs union with the EU and protection for consumer and environmental standards and workers' rights.

Mr Corbyn said he raised a number of issues with Mrs May, including future customs arrangements, trade agreements and the option of giving the public the final say over the deal in another referendum.

Two junior ministers quit on Wednesday - one of them from the Brexit department.

A series of indicative votes, held after MPs made a decision to take control of the Brexit process, have also so far failed to find consensus after none of the proposals gained enough support to pass.

One pro-EU Labour lawmaker, Ben Bradshaw, said he had concerns about the risks of getting into talks with May.

"Staying at the EU customs union or holding a new Brexit referendum have been around the desk Monday, together with other" gentle Brexit" choices and a telephone to get a no-deal Brexit where Britain leaves the EU with no bargain on April 12. They will be angry if the party actively helps bring about the U.K.'s departure.

Throughout the day political commentators had been speculating on what was being discussed by May and her team of government ministers.

She added: "I suppose overall my concern is that in the rush to reach some compromise with the clock ticking, what will happen over the next few days - if anything - is that a bad compromise will be reached".

European Union leaders meet in Brussels.

The April 12 Brexit deadline was set if Theresa May's withdrawal agreement failed to gain support in the Commons.

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