Michael Cohen wants House Democrats to keep him out of prison

Michael Cohen hired former White House Special Counsel Lanny Davis to represent him in the criminal investigation

Michael Cohen hired former White House Special Counsel Lanny Davis to represent him in the criminal investigation

Cohen's attorneys Lanny Davis and Michael Monico told key Democrats in a letter Thursday that Cohen has discovered substantial files on a hard drive that might be helpful to investigators.

Cohen said he recently accessed a hard drive that he claims contains 14 million files, including emails, voice recordings and attachments from Cohen's computers and phones.

Davis said he hoped federal prosecutors in the Southern District of NY would take that into consideration and file a motion to have his sentence reduced and postpone the start of his prison term so he can readily assist investigators.

"Note, this is not far off the words used by the Buzzfeed reporters", the memo says in a footnote, "that Trump "directed" Cohen to lie in his congressional testimony vs. Cohen's false statement to Congress, i.e., there were no Russian contacts after January 31, 2016, the day before the Iowa caucuses".

Since Cohen was convicted a year ago of lying to Congress - among other charges, including bank and tax fraud - it's not immediately clear why Congress should trust him to pick through the provident hard drive himself.

Before Cohen's February 27th testimony to the Oversight Committee, Trump posted a tweet that included accusations that "he is lying in order to reduce his prison time".

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Cohen's legal team teased that their client has "located several documents that we believe have significant value to the various congressional oversight and investigation committees" and argued their client needs to remain out of prison in order to continue going through them.

Cohen, who pleaded guilty past year to tax evasion, fraud, lying to Congress and campaign finance violations, already has received one short delay on medical grounds while he recovered from shoulder surgery.

His sentence was originally set to begin in March, but the date was delayed so he could testify against Trump to Congress.

"In addition, it is our professional opinion that the length of the sentence to which Mr. Cohen was subjected is, most respectfully, disproportionate given the particular facts and circumstances underlying each of the crimes to which Mr. Cohen pled guilty".

It's not clear which committees received letters from Cohen, or what they plan to do in response. He has been sentenced to a three-year term.

Cohen is also asking top Democrats on the panels to write letters to prosecutors with the Southern District of NY outlining his cooperation.

NY prosecutors previously advocated for a tough sentence, saying the crimes were serious and that the help Cohen had provided to ongoing investigations wasn't as valuable or as complete as Cohen had claimed. He appeared before three congressional panels earlier this year, accusing Mr. Trump of financial fraud and orchestrating hush money payments to women who alleged having affairs with the president.

Trump's attorneys and senior Republicans have accused Cohen of being a serial liar, who perjured himself when he told lawmakers in February he had sought no job in Trump's White House.

So what is that Cohen's attorneys want? Working alone, Mr. Cohen has only had the time to go through less than | percent of the drive, or approximately 3,500 files.

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