Samsung tries patch to make Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor better

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From what we've heard, the Samsung Galaxy S10 scanner has been a hit and miss proposition with a certain section of users being very pleased with it while others completely annoyed by its unreliability. 'The Galaxy S10 5G is loaded with one 4G antenna and one 5G antenna for the simultaneous reception of 4G signals where 5G telecommunication was not available. But as per the cited source, the data connection is dropped entirely in some cases, despite Samsung offering several updates to resolve this behavior. Samsung updated the phone's software, and that's all it could do, apparently.

For those of you who'd like to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Fold on April 26th, Samsung just announced they'll be taking pre-order reservations for the unlocked version of the device on their website. We found it slow and inefficient enough of the time to be noticeable. Verizon is expected to launch the phone in the United States next month, at which point we'll surely find out whether Verizon's 5G network is any better with the Galaxy S10 5G, or if similar issues arise.

Regardless of whether the patch really does wonders or not, at least Samsung isn't ignoring the problem and is instead trying to figure out ways to make the user experience better. Some are already thinking about potential issues with the device itself, though for now, no evidence has been provided in this regard.

It is not clear as yet on exactly what Samsung plans to do to solve the issue, we suspect they will probably release a software update to fix it.

With the S10e being the only exception, all models of the S10 come with an ultrasonic fingerprint reader embedded underneath their AMOLED panels.

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