Sanders Pulls in $18 million in First Quarter of Presidential Campaign

Sanders Pulls in $18 million in First Quarter of Presidential Campaign

Sanders Pulls in $18 million in First Quarter of Presidential Campaign

South Bend, Idndiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (BOO'-tuh-juhj) launched an exploratory committee two months ago and said Monday he'd raised more than $7 million in the quarter. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Democratic Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, and former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper all broke the $1 million mark after 48 hours.

A handful of Democratic presidential candidates are touting the amount of money they've raised in the first fundraising period of a 2020 primary fight that will last into the next northern spring.

Yet when her campaign aides released fundraising totals for the first quarter, it wasn't the big cheques they touted.

Harris' campaign says it has received 218,000 individual contributions, but the number of unique donors could end up being smaller than that figure.

Nina Turner, an adviser to the Sanders campaign, said on the press call that "people power is just as important as the money", but the sheer number of small donations show the "energy and synergy this campaign is reflecting all over the country". Sanders' fundraising ability - and the fact that he rarely if ever holds fundraisers to collect cash - is a major advantage for his campaign as we move forward into the rest of this year and into 2020 when voters start voting. In her 2016 Senate race, which she won easily, Harris raised just over $15 million.

The average donation is down from $27 to $20.

But campaign officials said that this financial target had always been ambitious, and was meant to galvanize Sanders' grassroots base. Sanders has a massive existing list from his 2016 campaign, and in that race, demonstrated his appeal in the online giving world. Candidates can qualify by raising money from a minimum of 65,000 individual donors or by receiving at least 1% of support in three primary polls. Forty percent of the campaign's aides are people of color, Shakir said.

Buttigieg, who has seen his name recognition and favorability spike in recent days, said he has had 158,550 donors, with an average donation of $36.35, and nearly two-thirds of the money raised was from donations of under $200. "Huge, you would say". He previously announced he'd raised $10 million in his first week. Yang is a lesser-known entrepreneur whose campaign is focused on the issue of displacement of labor by technology and a proposed fix of universal basic income, a $1,000 per month payment to all US citizens over age 18.

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