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"It was really the symbol, sort of the iconic symbol, for the old city of St. Boniface", which was not part of Winnipeg at the time and was sometimes called the Cathedral City, Mailhot said.

"Any fire in an historic building has the potential to be devastating", said Becky Clark, the Church of England's director of cathedrals and church buildings. "The cleanup operation after the fire must be carefully managed to ensure that all salvageable items which can be reincorporated into the rebuilt structure or employed as models for new work are used", he said.

"The task is - now the risk of fire has been put aside - about the building, how the structure will resist", said Junior Interior Minister Laurent Nunez in front of the cathedral.

French President Emmanuel Macron is vowing to rebuild France's landmark Notre Dame Cathedral after a catastrophic fire that drew a global outpouring of sympathy and support.

Miss Rowan hopes the image of Jesus in Notre Dame will somehow help Parisians mourning the destruction of the building which to so many symbolised everything which is great about France. The 18th Century organ has not been burned but it is not clear if it is damaged.

However, there are concerns that even the $1 billion pledged so far may not be able to replace what was lost in the blaze - it also depends on the availability of materials. "Now I wish I had", she said.

While St. Boniface Cathedral was never restored to its former stature, Carriere also feels the worldwide significance of Notre Dame will ensure it is rebuilt on a similar scale to the burned structure.

He said authorities had no estimate yet of the total cost of the renovation work.

"Those trees had been saplings in the 10th century, they were mature trees by the 12th century when they were felled". "What makes fires like this so affecting is that they come when they are not expected".

"This is disgusting for them", said Mulaire.

Construction on Notre Dame - French for "Our Lady" - began in the 12th century and continued for almost 200 years. "But perhaps it can't be recreated as it was". They pumped water straight from the Seine, the grand river that traverses Paris and flows near Notre Dame.

For Olivier Lebib, who has lived in Paris for 40 years, it is necessary for the cathedral to be restored to its former glory. "We will act, and we will succeed".

"Even now that the situation is under control, we feel a lot of sadness. It was hard to imagine this could ever happen".

A statement from Francois-Henri Pinault said "this tragedy impacts all French people" and "everyone wants to restore life as quickly as possible to this jewel of our heritage".

As the massive inferno swept across Notre Dame's roof Monday night, Fournier joined a human chain of responders who helped haul out most of the church's priceless relics, including a tunic worn by King Louis IX.

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