Series becomes No. 1 YouTube channel spot over PewDiePie

Currently both the channels have reached the 91 million subscribers mark

Currently both the channels have reached the 91 million subscribers mark

After a close battle with Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie's channel, Indian film production house and music label T-Series has finally managed to become the worlds No.1 YouTube channel. The T-Series YouTube channel began on March 13, 2006.

And honestly, the reason for Pewdiepie making the video was so he could get more subscribers and it worked, the gap which had been in the six figures shrank to just 20,000 again. Kjellberg's channel has been the most subscribed channel on YouTube since 2013, but T-Series' growth has shot up due to multiple factors.

The two channels have been bouncing back and forth between first and second place as each nears 100 million subscribers. It is also a leading source of Bollywood content on YouTube, which means users all over the world looking for Bollywood videos or videos from their favorite Indian artists can find it all on T-Series.

Following the concession, PewDiePie even uploaded a video "congratulating" his Indian rival, which went viral and garnered over 12 million views at the time of writing.

In the video, he also pointed out an article in which it was reported that T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar was investigated for alleged huge tax evasion. "And all it took was a massive corporate entity with every song in Bollywood", PewDiePie raps on the diss track.

The PewDiePie vs. T-Series war has been going on for months, and has seen both parties take action in their efforts to win.

But the lyrics of the song are incredibly sarcastic with Pewdiepie talking about T-Series' being a corporation that has questionable business practices.

Since last August, the YouTube community banded together in order to support PewDiePie - and YouTube creator culture as a whole.

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