Sounds Like Death Stranding Could Release on Both PS4 and PS5

Sony Details Next-Generation PlayStation Console - News

Sony: PlayStation 5 to feature 8K, 3D audio, ray tracing & backwards compatibility

The details come courtesy of Wired's interview with Mark Cerny, game designer and lead architect of the PS4 and Vita. (He's not just an systems architect; Cerny created arcade classic Marble Madness when he was all of 19 and was heavily involved with PlayStation and PS2 franchises like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and Ratchet and Clank.) On the TV, Spidey stands in a small plaza. While Sony has laid bare what to expect from the PS5 in terms of specifications, backwards compatibility, and the inclusion of a solid state drive in conversation with Wired, there was no mention of the console's price.

PS5 has been in research and development for nearly 4 years now as revealed by Mark Cerny in an interview with Wired.

The PS5 is poised to include a variety of new and different hardware, like an eight-core CPU based on AMD's Ryzen line and a custom GPU built on AMD's Radeon Navi, which means the console will be able to support a powerful graphical bump called ray-tracing. And unless you're typically a PC gamer, you probably don't have any idea what it's like. Finally, this profile on the next-gen console confirms that it will support physical media, alleviating any fears of a digital-only future.

Games will continue to launch for the PS4 and PS5 after the new console launches.

To demonstrate, Cerny fires up a PS4 Pro playing Spider-Man, a 2018 PS4 exclusive that he worked on alongside Insomniac Games. SSDs have much faster read and write performance than traditional spinning hard drives, which can dramatically affect game load times.

"As a gamer, it's been a little bit of a frustration that audio did not change too much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4", Cerny tells Wired. However, he said that the current PS VR headset is compatible with the new console. We know that the company will be talking about its next-gen hardware at E3 this year and it would make sense for them to announce what's under the hood of Anaconda and Lockhart at that conference. It seems that we're headed for a 2020 release for the next PlayStation, just as a bunch of rumors leading up to this point have stated.

Will also support 8KPlayStation 5 will also support 8K graphics but Cerny did not provide further details. Following the question, Cerny kept quiet for a longer than normal period of time as a noticeable smile quickly spread on his face, no doubt inviting plenty of speculation as to whether or not this was subtle confirmation on a two-platform launch.

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