These Wireless Earbuds Last 50 Hours Per Charge

Apple finally going to give users slightly more viable batteries

These Wireless Earbuds Last 50 Hours Per Charge

But that hasn't stopped leakers and insiders from dropping clues about some of the new features Apple is allegedly working on, which so far, seem to consist of features that the iPhone's biggest competitors already have. Especially if AirPods refuse to stay in your ears.

If you're wondering exactly how the Powerbeats Pro aim to "revolutionize your workouts", the answer is very simple - with a clean, straightforward, lightweight design and a new industry standard in ergonomics.

The Powerbeats Pro and AirPods 2 are both truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds. As an exercise-oriented pair of headphones, Powerbeats Pro will of course be sweat and water-resistant. They also come with Apple's "Hey Siri" support.

The Powerbeats Pro charging case only offers wired charging.

If the report is true, Apple will be playing catch-up with Samsung, whose Galaxy S10 smartphones can charge different gadgets, including the Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds, using the wireless Qi standard. The Fast Fuel feature should give you around one and a half hour's charge in just five minutes and four and a half hours in just 15 minutes. The new design features improved connectivity, extended battery life, excellent sound quality, and a portable charging case, as well as Siri support. Pairing is done via the Powerbeats Pro case-simply opening the lid for the first time prompts pairing mode, and the earphones are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The Powerbeats Pro are listed as "coming soon" on Apple's website. So, they're 50 bucks more expensive than the most expensive AirPods, which ring in at $199.99.

The Powerbeats Pro is available for $249.99. There's no information available on India availability yet.

If the second generation of AirPods seemed underwhelming, the new Powerbeats Pro by Beats might just get your blood moving.

Powerbeats Pro act like AirPods, with no power button. They are not cheap at all, but I doubt you will get the AirPods-like experience anywhere else.

The two focus areas for the Powerbeats Pro earphones are sound and fit, two areas that most users care about.

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