Watch the 'Joker' trailer with Joaquin Phoenix

WATCH 'Joker' teaser trailer features Joaquin Phoenix as new Batman villain

Watch the 'Joker' trailer with Joaquin Phoenix

What did you think of the first trailer for "Joker"? Fully half the enjoyment of this movie is going to be watching Joaquin Phoenix cope with a comic book movie press tour.

Below is a screenshot showing off Brett Cullen as the aforementioned character, whom you may know as the father of Batman. "She told me I had a goal to bring laughter and joy to the world", he says.

Expect to see and hear more surrounding Joaquin Phoenix and Joker leading up to the movie's much-anticipated October 4 release date. Phoenix's recent credits include "The Sisters Brothers" and "You Were Never Really Here", and his religious epic "Mary Magdalene" opens in USA theaters April 12. Considering that De Niro portrays a talk show host in Joker, and that Fleck is seen waiting in the wings of his show, it's safe to say that a similar dynamic may come into play. For example, Beetz is Sophie Dumond, a strong single mother and Fleck's love interest. For a short time, Alec Baldwin was cast as Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's father, but he's since left the project. The second thing we noticed from the remarkably different trailer is that we wanted to cry our eyes out as it progressed. She added that the finished product will be very "gritty and dark". Meanwhile, Phillips was said to have been inspired by Martin Scorsese's films such as "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull" when he directed, produced, and co-wrote the script. Even so, it was pretty much genius, allowing the director to prevent leaks by controlling the flow of information and overall narrative. Could this be another essential take on the Joker to rank alongside Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson and Mark Hamill?

Find out exactly how Joker got those scars - or at least how he cracked in the '80s and went full-psychopath - when Joker hits United Kingdom cinemas on 4 October. Is he an improvement over Leto in Suicide Squad?

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