Zach Johnson Takes Biggest Mulligan Of All-Time At The Masters

Zach Johnson accidentally hits ball during practice swingMore

Zach Johnson accidentally hits ball during practice swingMore

The 2007 Masters champion was in the middle of the pack as he wound his way through the back nine, after scoring a 74 in the opening round.

Former champion Zach Johnson has been involved in a weird incident during the second round of the Masters, accidentally hitting his ball while taking a practice swing.

The extraordinary incident became even more weird once the ball had richocheted off the tee marker and come to rest only a couple of metres away, still on the teeing ground. So Johnson re-teed and found the fairway. A less experienced golfer may have been rattled after something like that happened, but Johnson seemed unfazed.

The rule in question is Rule 6.2b 5.

"Okay, there's a first for everything there boys", Johnson said, relieved.

However, he got far too close to the ball itself, and brushed it off the tee with his driver. I thought I had done it all but now I know I've done it all.

Zach Johnson, a two-time major victor who won the green jacket in 2007, just shanked a shot at the par-5 13th.

Johnson then awkwardly stepped up to pick up his ball, looked around at his playing partners to see their reaction, and then took another whack at it.

The 43-year old was not assessed a penalty and the shot did not count as a stroke as Johnson had no intention to hit the ball.

Both players ruled the contact incidental and Johnson, who finished at 3-over, would not be given any penalty and he would go on to birdie the hole.

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