$19B disaster aid package stalls after GOP congressman objects

Republican Chip Roy blocks billions in natural disaster aid

$19B disaster aid package stalls after GOP congressman objects

The freshman congressman opposed a $19 billion bipartisan aid package that would have provided aid to hurricane-prone parts of Texas, as well as other parts of the country dealing with natural disasters.

Early Friday morning, after Congress had rushed out of the nation's capital ahead of the Memorial Day recess, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Democrats made a request for unanimous consent to the $19.1 billiondisaster relief package endorsed by President Trump and passed by the Senate on Thursday, May 23.

Lawmakers tried to use a legislative maneuver to pass the measure with many of their colleagues already gone for the extended weekend.

The border money was just one of the hiccups in the disaster bill. "We'll bring it up again and again until everybody gets back, but hopefully it'll get done next week". The agreement was announced after the vast majority of House members left the Capitol to start the weeklong Memorial break, leaving Democratic leaders to decide whether to pass the legislation without a roll call vote, or wait until members return June 3. The chamber's two Texans - Republicans John Cornyn and Ted Cruz - voted for it.

Roy has been circulating a letter amongst Republicans that aims to whip up support for adhering to spending caps that were put in place almost 10 years ago. "Shame on them", the Maryland Democrat said of House Republicans in a statement.

A $19 billion disaster relief package that passed the senate has failed to gain a vote in the house, by only one objection.

Communities still severely damaged by wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, lava flow and even typhoons have waited for this assistance as the president battled with Democrats about money to help Puerto Rico continue to rebuild following the Category 5 hurricanes that hit the US territory in 2017.

"I didn't want to hold that up any longer", Trump said. The impasse was broken on Thursday when Trump agreed to forgo his insistence that the legislation provide money for border security. But, the latter ended up being the issue as to why it didn't pass in the House.

But since the House did not go through regular, more time-consuming procedures, it needed the consent of all of its current 432 members to approve the bill. And Roy barely won his general election with 50.2 percent of the vote. The bill also doles out relief for farmers facing subpar crop yields from flooding and even contains unrelated provisions like expanding federal crop subsidies for hemp.

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