Authorities puzzle over German crossbow deaths

Police investigating the mysterious death of three people whose bodies were found with crossbow bolts inside at the hotel in Bavaria on Saturday

Authorities puzzle over German crossbow deaths

News agency DPA reported on Sunday that employees of a hotel in the town of Passau found the bodies and two crossbows in the room. Both the 53-year-old and the 33-year-old came from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, according to prosecutors.

A forensic expert arrives, May 13, 2019, to a cordoned off house in Wittingen, Germany, where two bodies were found during an investigation into the deaths of three people killed by crossbow bolts.

The guesthouse which stands near the Ilz river surrounded by trees in Passau, Bavaria, where two women and a man were found dead on Saturday.

The room in which the bodies were found remains sealed. The man and 33-year-old woman were found lying together in bed, while the younger woman was found lying on the floor.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the two corpses in Wittingen, Lower Saxony, had not been killed by crossbow bolts, "the modus operandi can not be compared".

A police statement said: 'At present, the reasons for the death of the three people are still completely open.

A third crossbow was later found packed inside a bag, police said.

Local media reports said the victims had booked a triple room on Friday for a three-day stay in the town of Passau.

The group left an impression on other guests, with the man wearing a formal suit and sporting a long white beard and his female companions dressed entirely in black.

Police said they did not believe that anybody else was involved. They later announced an unexpected discovery: the corpses of two other women were found in her apartment.

According to the German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation, there are no restrictions on anyone over the age of 18 acquiring a crossbow in Germany.

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