Baytown officer fatally shot woman at apartment complex

Baytown officer fatally shot woman at apartment complex

Baytown officer fatally shot woman at apartment complex

Baytown - An 11-year officer with the Baytown, Texas, Police Department shot and killed a 44-year-old woman Monday night in the parking lot of the apartment complex where she lived, authorities said - an altercation that a witness captured on video.

The officer then contacted the woman and tried to arrest her, the release states, but the woman resisted the arrest.

The fight and shooting happened in the 1600 block of Garth Road at about 10:40 p.m., according to Lt. Steve Dorris with the Baytown Police Department.

The lieutenant said the officer, who is yet to be identified, was patrolling an apartment complex when he spotted the woman, who he'd dealt with before.

Footage circulating on social media shows the officer following the woman, who has not been identified, through the vehicle park as she tells him he is "harassing" her. A struggle ensued and the officer used his Taser on her, but she allegedly grabbed it from him and used it on him as he was trying to handcuff her. At least one of these bullets hit her, fatally. "That deployment was not effective, and the female was able to get the officer's Taser away from him".

"It's a tragic event for everybody involved", Dorris said during an interview with local CBS affiliate KHOU.

Witnesses told the station that Turner was "not a bad person" and she would "just walk around, smoke her cigarettes and walk her dogs". "Of course, our hearts go out to the family of the deceased as well as our officer".

"It was a sad situation".

Per department policy, the officer has been placed on three days of paid administrative leave, the Baytown reported.

Although the bystander's video has been circulating on social media and was met with huge backlash, Dorris said the officer's body cam video won't be released just yet as the investigation continues.

"She took (the Taser) from him and shot him".

"It's unfortunate that someone takes a tragic incident like this and starts posting it on social media", Dorris told KHOU.

"That's extremely disrespectful for everybody involved".

Antoinette also added that her sister was on medication to treat schizophrenia.

The video of the police shooting can be seen on the next page.

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