‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Trailer Released

The ‘Black Mirror’ S5 Trailer Is Here & There’s Definitely A Miley Cyrus In It

‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Trailer Released

Netflix just released the season 5 trailer, and it looks unbelievable.

While we eagerly awaited more news on the forthcoming season, Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive first-look photo from season 5 that has us on the edge of our seats.

Watch the brand new trailer and sound off in the comments with your thoughts! It follows the release of season four in December of 2017 and the special interactive episode "Bandersnatch" last Christmas.

Netflix also shared the new trailer for the season, and it looks insane! Historically, anyone who uses those memory-reviewing eye pieces on Black Mirror is usually in for a world of personal pain.

A four-month silence was broken early Wednesday morning, when the Black Mirror Twitter account posted, "Is this a bad time?" It remains to be seen whether Cyrus actually performs her own songs in Season 5, but I'm choosing to keep hope alive that we'll get a synth version of "Wrecking Ball" in the near future. It's unknown for now how long the episodes will be or what their titles are.

Previous seasons have had some great appearances by people like Jon Hamm, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Aaron Paul, but usually, each season is populated with actors who have a smaller or newer following (like when they featured a pre-Black Panther Letitia Wright).

As the robot urges a girl (Angourie Rice) to knock her 20,000 fans dead, it seems the episode could follow themes explored in season three's Nosedive.

The star-studded fifth series of the science fiction anthology programme will consist of three standalone episodes and will debut on Netflix on June 5.

However, we don't know for sure what to expect in season 5.

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