Brexit rebels to Theresa May: Your EU divorce deal is dead

MEP Nigel Farage gestures during a walkabout and rally in Clacton Essex England for his Brexit Party Wednesday

Nigel Farage has said it's a'duty for him to stand as MP following the handling of the Brexit process. More

British Prime Minister Theresa May will try again next month to secure Parliament's backing for a Brexit deal so that the United Kingdom can leave the European Union this summer, May's office said Tuesday.

Steve Barclay acknowledged that the vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill would mark the end of the road for the deal struck between Mrs May and the European Union a year ago unless the government could muster a majority.

Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman repeatedly said the party would not support the WAB if no cross-party agreement was reached, but refused to say whether Labour MPs would abstain, which could allow the Bill to receive its second reading, or vote against it and potentially consign it to defeat.

It does have the feel of end of days for Theresa May as prime minister.

"I have talked to colleagues, some of whom voted for it last time, and they think it is dead and they will vote against it this time", Peter Bone, a Conservative lawmaker and Brexit supporter, told Talk Radio.

"Unless she can demonstrate something new that addresses the problem of the backstop then it is highly likely her deal will go down to defeat once again", he said.

After a marathon two hour Cabinet meeting yesterday, ministers move to continue the cross-party efforts but stressed it was "imperative" for a Brexit deal to get through Parliament by the summer recess.

Just 21% of Labour voters in 2017 thought Labour had clear Brexit policy, while 26% of Conservative voters said the same of the Tories.

Mrs May and her effective deputy David Lidington - who has been leading the negotiations with Labour - led the Cabinet discussions, but other ministers involved in the talks contributed.

The UK's future relationship with the European Union has formed the basis of the talks between the Conservative and Labour leadership teams, which have been ongoing since the beginning of April.

A new vote on an exit deal proposed by Theresa May now has a date: the week of June 3-the same week that Donald Trump begins his controversial state visit to the country. It will still contain the "backstop" to prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland, and Labour's demands for a permanent customs union will be ignored.

Cross-party Brexit talks between Labour and the Tories have so far failed to produce a compromise agreement.

"I have talked to colleagues, some of whom voted for it last time, and they think it is dead and they will vote against it this time", Peter Bone, a Conservative lawmaker and a prominent supporter of leaving the European Union, told Talk Radio.

May has said she will step down once the first phase of Brexit is complete.

"If the Prime Minister brings the Withdrawal bill to the Commons for a vote the question will be 'what has changed, '" asked Nigel Dodds, parliamentary leader of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which props up Ms.

I accept of course we're in deep trouble and deep difficulty.

Shailesh Vara, the junior Northern Ireland minister, became the first member of May's government to resign over the deal on Thursday.

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