Fans debate Aaron Rodgers cameo in Game of Thrones

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

A Starbucks cup from out of the realm appeared to be sitting on the table.

Aaron Rodgers confirmed early Monday morning that he did, in fact, appear in a cameo on Game of Thrones, something he had hinted at over the last couple of years.

Fox News reported fans narrowed down Rodgers' cameo to two scenes.

The Packers teased Rodgers' appearance on the HBO fantasy series leading up to the fifth episode of Season 8, tweeting an image of Rodgers on the Iron Throne, along with, "So what's everyone watching tonight?"

But when asked by Patrick what role Rodgers would like to play, Rodgers said: "I definitely want to be killed or in one of the steamy scenes for sure".

Viewers think they spotted Rodgers as a Lannister archer or someone who got torched by a dragon.

Fans also posted footage of Rodgers in full costume and on set giving a description of his cameo for the episode's "making of".

As for the fate of Rodger's character, it's likely he ended up a pile of ash like most of King's Landing after Daenerys and Drogon blazed their way through the city.

Rodgers himself touted the appearance on Instagram.

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