Florida lawmakers try to set stage for hemp industry

Florida Teachers Can Now Arm Themselves Under New Gun Bill

Florida lawmakers try to set stage for hemp industry

Under a law passed previous year immediately after the Parkland shooting, only teachers who also have another role, such as sports coach, are eligible to carry weapons on campus.

According to the legislative analysis, for the last school year at least 25 Florida school districts have established guardian training programs in conjunction with local sheriffs. Only after they vote to approve the bill can it be sent for signing by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has pushed the proposal as one of his most hardline Republican campaign promises. Five Republicans crossed party lines to vote against the bill, which was narrowly approved by the state Senate last week.

"It allows the good guys to stop the bad".

"This program would place students, teachers, and first responders at risk, when our focus should be on keeping our children safe and making schools places where students feel they belong", Tony wrote. "The bad guy will never know when the good guy is going to be there to shoot back". Chuck Brannan, who is also a retired law enforcement officer. "He or she will be there when a police officer is not". DeSantis then announced he plans to sign the measure into law.

State Sen. Oscar Braynon, whose district includes part of Broward and Miami-Dade counties, told WLRN that he was concerned about adding more guns to communities already struggling with gun violence.

Texting while driving has been a controversial issue in Florida for years and the days of the sunshine state lagging behind most of the country seems to be over.

The superintendent of schools in Broward County, where Parkland is located, said that the county will continue to not arm teachers.

As a result of the school massacre in the USA state of Florida a year ago, with 17 dead, a teacher should be allowed to wear in the future, weapons.

Suffice it to say that most law enforcement officers, public officials, educators, teachers, parents, and students - particularly here in South Florida - believe that arming teachers is pure folly.

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