'Game of Thrones' Reactions: Season 8, Episode 5 the Worst Episode Ever?

'Game of Thrones' Reactions: Season 8, Episode 5 the Worst Episode Ever?

'Game of Thrones' Reactions: Season 8, Episode 5 the Worst Episode Ever?

Jon Snow - the man Dany loves - betrayed her. "I imagine he needs that hand, to hold his Starbucks", tweeted a user @ChibsRSR along with a screengrab from the show featuring Jaime embracing Cersei.

"It was kind of disappointing that her power trip took over". That was not cool'.

But, of course, while you can doubt the realism of the event itself, it's fair to say the scene was laden with symbology, and nearly certainly served as a set up for how the coming episode would unfold. "[I don't] like the outcome of what she represents.[and the name's] kind of bittersweet right now".

In the United States previous year, 560 girls were named Khaleesi. They don't seem to trust each other.

There are precautions and then there are Game of Thrones season 8 precautions. The phrase "worst episode ever" was frequently mentioned in tweets after the episode aired. Fans also took umbrage at Daenerys Targaryen's sudden transformation into the "Mad Queen".

"There she goes. It's been fun, and bonkers", Headey wrote.

'I'm still standing beside her, ' said Katherine Acosta. "And now her watch is ended (I know she'd never make it, Nights watch wouldn't have her. but still.)".

While she still loves the name, Katherine wondered if her daughter would be horrified by her namesake when she wass old enough to watch the series.

"She feels empty", he says of her victory.

First, a quick recap: The Valonqar prophecy was made by a witch, called Maggy the Frog, that said Cersei would have three children that would all die, and that she would eventually be murdered by the "valonqar", which is High Valyrian for little brother. "What girl hasn't overreacted when they see their whole world crumbling around them?" It's not like she did it just 'cause. The show's actors - all clearly consummate professionals - continue to provide us with outstandingly acted scenes despite the questionable scripts and overall arcs, and bless them for that. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she revealed that she "wanted her to have some big piece or fight with somebody". Lord Varys - her trusted advisor - betrayed her. Jorah Mormont - a lifelong friend - is no longer alive and neither are two of her dragons - or her "children", as she called them.

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