How Hawksmoor turned a £4000 mistake into a PR triumph

LUCKY It's a nice restaurant anyway but a bonus £4,500 bottle of wine sweetens the deal

LUCKY It's a nice restaurant anyway but a bonus £4,500 bottle of wine sweetens the deal

Hawksmoor in Manchester tweeted all about the mix-up and told the worker who gave it away to keep their chin up.

The server then asked one of the restaurant managers to fetch the bottle in question - but since the manager was visiting from another branch of the restaurant, she accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle of wine.

Little did he think that he would receive one of the most expensive items on the list at the same price!

A £4,500 bottle of Château Le Pin, Pomerol, 2001 was sent to the table instead. Unfortunately, that was the only bottle the Manchester location of Hawksmoor had in stock. Furthermore, the Manchester restaurant showed compassion towards the staffer who made the mistake, telling them to "chin up" and that "one-off mistakes" are bound to happen in the service industry.

"The manager who made the mistake is obviously mortified: I'm fairly sure she's not gonna do it again", Beckett said.

The restaraunt added further humor to the situation in another tweet, which features a picture of the two bottles of wine side by side.

"It was a very busy night at the restaurant and a very simple mistake", a spokesperson for Hawksmoor told the Independent.

The customer drank the wine without noticing, and the manager only realised what had happened later that evening. The bottle they should have received, according to The Guardian, was a Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande 2001 which clocks in at a more - cough, cough - affordable £260 ($330). The customer apparently did not know of the mistake.

It describes the vintage as a "tremendous effort", adding: "Its deep ruby/plum/purple colour is accompanied by an extraordinary perfume of creme de cassis, cherry liqueur, plums, liquorice, caramel, and sweet toast".

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