Microsoft Build 2019: The 10 Biggest Announcements In Azure And Microsoft 365


Microsoft Build 2019: The 10 Biggest Announcements In Azure And Microsoft 365

Chrome has a number of extensions that accomplish much the same thing-they create a new tab in the browser and use the Internet Explorer 11 engine, rather than the Chrome engine, to draw that tab.

A new feature called Collections will let users easily gather and share content they find on the web with other users.

The Build developer conference witnessed a series of Microsoft announcements related to the Microsoft Edge browser, and in addition to features coming to all platforms, the company also provided an early glimpse at the macOS version of the app.

Now under development with a public developer preview, the upcoming Microsoft Edge is touted as the replacement for the existing Edge browser built into Windows 10.

At last month's Google Cloud Next conference, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian introduced Anthos, a hybrid cloud management product based on Kubernetes that allows customers to run managed container services on multiple cloud or hybrid cloud deployments.

Microsoft has shared that these features and more will begin to roll out near the broader launch of the next version of Microsoft Edge, although one assumes it will be available sooner to the Microsoft Edge Insiders since the company runs an active Dev and Canary channel for the previews builds. This means there are some web sites and web apps out there that won't work properly in modern browsers.

Edge users can select from three levels of privacy: Unrestricted, Balanced and Strict.

However, that looks set to change, with Microsoft adding new privacy controls that allow users to fine tune their privacy.

This new feature could be particularly useful for students and professionals who use the internet for research, and it will have Microsoft Office integration. There will be new AI services based on Azure that should make it easier for developers to build AI applications. End users will likely see new web experiences focused on conversational AI and collaboration with other users.

The technology will be available to developers in the Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot service, and will be integrated into future conversational experiences including virtual assistant Cortana.

Early builds of Chromium on Edge have performed pretty well when it comes to reliability and performance.

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