Missouri Officials Are Trying To Shut Down The State's Last Licensed Clinic

Parson signs a bill banning abortion after the eighth week of pregnancy at his office in Jefferson City Mo

Office of Missouri Governor

The abortion giant has filed a lawsuit in St. Louis Circuit Court seeking a restraining order to preserve its license, accusing the state of "unlawfully conditioning" its license on interviews pertaining to a patient complaint it claims the state has yet to provide.

A USA court on Thursday weighed the fate of the last abortion clinic in Missouri, which risks becoming the first state in 45 years without access to the procedure amid a nationwide push to curtail reproductive rights. In just 72 hours, the state will likely block the last remaining licensed abortion center from providing care in the state.

The disagreement comes toward the end of a busy legislative season, in which states across the country, including Missouri, have passed some of the strictest abortion laws the country has ever seen. The Department reportedly had three issues that needed to be resolved, and the clinic agreed to two of them: making an adjustment to the state-mandated counseling provided and including an extra pelvic exam for abortion patients.

This will be the first time something like this has occurred since 1974, the year after the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling of 1973 that legalized abortion was passed by the Supreme Court across the country.

As with each and each fairly a spread of abortion ban that has handed in fairly a spread of states now - along with Alabama and Georgia - a lawsuit filed almost in the present day after the invoice used to be signed into law stopped it from going into carry out.

By Friday, Missouri stands to become the only state in the United States without an operating abortion clinic.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) signed a law banning abortion at eight weeks of pregnancy, with exceptions only for medical emergencies on Friday. "This is real and it is a public health crisis", said Dr. Leana Wen, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

"At this point, we have reached an impasse", Krasnoff said in a phone call with journalists Tuesday.

However, in its third request the department wanted to Planned Parenthood to provide interviews with seven doctors it said were under investigation for "deficient practices".

Planned Parenthood isn't the only organization throwing counter-punches at the state.

"During the conference call, Krasnoff said that when Planned Parenthood asked state officials about whether "the interviews could result in a criminal referral or affect medical licenses", the officials responded, "'That's not off the table; we do not have to tell you anything'".

A legal battle over the eight-week ban is anticipated.

Missouri's lawmakers are relentless in their war on reproductive rights. For Dreith, while she expects the Missouri numbers to continue to grow at her IL clinic across the Mississippi River, it's not the only state sending patients her way. This new law will make all abortions in Alabama illegal, even in cases of rape and incest. Some of those laws already have been challenged in court, and similar restrictions in North Dakota and Iowa have been struck down by judges. The ACLU said Tuesday that it has submitted a referendum petition to the secretary of state's office as a first step toward blocking and potentially repealing the law.

To talk about how Missouri's fight over abortion fits into the larger national picture, NPR's Sarah McCammon joins us now. The group wants to force a referendum in 2020.

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