North Korea fires short-range missiles towards Sea of Japan: Seoul

Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff said that North Korea fired a missile from the town of Wonsan into the East Sea also known as the Sea of Japan

North Korea fires short-range missiles towards Sea of Japan: Seoul

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, the North fired several short-range projectiles from its east coast, South Korea's military said.

South Korean and United States military experts were analysing details of the missile, which was sacked at around 9am on Saturday, Yonhap new agency said, citing South Korean joint chiefs of staff. The US and South Korea began two weeks of joint air force exercises last Monday, a more low-key version of the annual Max Thunder drills.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff says North Korea has fired an unidentified short-range missile from its eastern coast.

It says South Korean and USA authorities are analyzing the details of the launch.

Last month, North Korea tested a "new tactical guided weapon", reportedly components for a new anti-tank weapon.

The latest launch came around 17 months after the communist country last fired the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in late November, claiming that it can put the whole US mainland within range.

Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un met in Vietnam in February, but failed to reach a deal to achieve denuclearization of the country.

During the diplomacy that followed the North's weapons tests of 2017, Kim Jong Un said that the North would not test nuclear devices or ICBMs.

Experts believe that the North has viable shorter range nuclear armed missiles but still needs more tests to flawless its longer-range weapons.

The latest test comes on the heels of a meeting between Kim and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the specific details of which remain murky.

A senior Trump administration official told ABC News that National Security Advisor John Bolton has briefed President Donald Trump on the launch.

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