Putin-Kim summit could change equations, promote new axis

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump in Singapore

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

The North had been seeking a deal to ease sanctions in exchange for dismantling some of its nuclear facilities, but Trump called for a "big deal" in which sanctions would be lifted if Pyongyang handed over all its nuclear weapons to the United States. He added that Russia's trade with North Korea is minuscule final year because of.

"I think we could have destroyed the North's nuclear program in the 1990s". Despite the current stalemate, Trump has said he would like to meet Kim again.

The Trump administration has already imposed a sanction over two Russian shipping companies for transferring petroleum products to North Korea in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

When asked about North Korea's calls for him to be dropped from the talks, Pompeo reiterated on Monday that he was still in charge of the U.S. negotiating team.

Meanwhile, Kim and Russian President Vladimir Putin met last week in Vladivostok for their first summit - squarely aimed at countering United States influence - where Kim accused Washington of acting in "bad faith".

Even so, Putin didn't mind because he wanted to play the North Korean card as well.

For Kim, Russia can help improve North Korea's basic infrastructure, including the railways, electricity and modernise its industry.

Trump will hold another meeting with Abe in late May when he visits Japan as the first foreign head of state to meet Japan's new Emperor Naruhito, who was enthroned on Wednesday. There are apprehensions about President Trump aiming to change the political regime in North Korea. Russia's involvement in the issue could bolster his confidence, though some analysts think Washington and Moscow are too far estranged.The fact that Kim Jon Un asked Vladimir Putin to brief the Chinese and US leadership on the results of the summit attests to Russia's significant role as a guarantor of security in the Asia-Pacific region, is what some analysts have deduced from the summit level talks between the two leaders.

Ushakov explained that the agenda of summit will also have cooperation.

Choe said North Korea also has the option of changing directions and that Washington may face an "outcome it truly did not want" if it fails to offer mutually acceptable terms for an agreement by the year's end, a deadline set by Kim earlier this month during a speech to North Korea's rubber-stamp parliament.

It needs be seen how the Korean peninsula is denuclearised, promoting peace, security and development in the region and beyond.

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