'Tentative Date' for Mueller's House Panel Testimony

Escalating tensions with House Democrats as they seek to bring Mueller before the House Judiciary Committee Trump tweeted

'Tentative Date' for Mueller's House Panel Testimony

"After spending more than $35,000,000 over a two year period, interviewing 500 people, using 18 Trump Hating Angry Democrats & 49 FBI Agents - all culminating in a more than 400 page Report showing NO COLLUSION - why would the Democrats in Congress now need Robert Mueller to testify [sic]", Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday afternoon.

Democrats have been working to hear directly from Mueller after Attorney General William Barr came under fire for mischaracterizing parts of the Mueller report, and a letter surfaced late last week suggesting Barr had misled Congress. "They will testify. The American people deserve the truth", said Schiff, who has previously stated that he would like Mueller to appear before his panel. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) told media last week that his office had been communicating with Mueller's office, and that he and others on the committee were "eyeing" May 15th as a tentative date for Mueller's testimony, but nothing had been set in stone. "Bob Mueller should not testify [sic]", the president added. That's the date the Committee has proposed, and we hope the Special Counsel will agree to it.

Trump said on Twitter that Democrats in Congress were seeking a "redo" of Mueller's report, which declined to conclude whether the president's efforts to impede the investigation constituted obstruction of justice.

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, said Democrats needed to hear from officials beyond Barr, including former White House counsel Don McGahn. Now, in his new tweet, he makes it clear that he actually doesn't want Mueller to testify. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., if Mueller supported his conclusion on obstruction, Barr said he didn't know.

Democrats want Mueller to testify to provide additional details about the findings he made and conclusions he drew after 22 months of investigating whether Trump's campaign conspired with Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential election, and whether the president had tried to interfere with that investigation.

He later tweeted that "nothing has been agreed to yet". Trump said referring to Mueller's report.

Mueller's testimony will be the most hotly anticipated Capitol Hill must-see TV since last week's Senate hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr.

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