United Nations ban on Masood Azhar a victory for American diplomacy: Mike Pompeo

Masood Azhar,Jaish-e-Mohammed,United Nations

United Nations on Wednesday designated Jaish-e Mohammed founder Masood Azhar as a global terrorist for being associated with Al-Qaida

Masood Azhar was designated a global terrorist by the UN Security Council in a big diplomatic win for India last evening.

"Earlier proposals to list Azhar failed to generate the requisite consensus in the Sanctions Committee as the information did not meet its technical criteria.These proposals were aimed at maligning Pakistan.And were thus rejected by Pakistan", he said, noting that "the current listing proposal has been agreed after all political references, including removal of attempts to link it with Pulwama". "Grateful to all for their support", Syed Akbaruddin, India's permanent envoy to the United Nations, said in a tweet on Wednesday. "This entails a ban on foreign travel, asset freeze and arms embargo", the Dr Faisal told media in Islamabad.

A proposal to declare Azhar as an worldwide terrorist was taken by the UNSC Sanctions Committee 1267, almost three months after the JeM carried out a ghastly terror attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama district of Kashmir. "China has already given its reason why the hold has been lifted". The sanctions committee makes its decisions by consensus of its Members.

It was the fourth time China, a close ally of Pakistan, blocked this proposal in the UN Security Council.

He said the change in China's attitude was a result of "recent developments including Pulwama attack" and the air strikes by India on terror camps at Balakot in Pakistan.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also said that Pakistan has made great contributions for countering terrorism and it deserves full recognition of the worldwide community.

"Secondly, the relevant consultations are going on within the committee and have achieved some progress".

In 2017, China blocked the proposal yet again stating that there was "no consensus" on Azhar's role in the terror attacks carried out India. "Under worldwide pressure and effect of India's diplomacy that hurdle was removed yesterday (Wednesday) and it has come as a big opportunity for India in its fight against terrorism", she said.

Describing the United Nations designating JeM chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist as a great diplomatic victory for India, the BJP on Thursday said opposition parties are reluctant to celebrate the achievement because they feel they may have to pay political price for it.

Beijing lifting its hold is a massive diplomatic win for India, which had relentlessly pursued the matter with its global allies.

"The listing of Masood Azhar had been under consideration in the Sanctions Committee for several years (since 2009)".

Hectic discussions between New Delhi, Washington, New York and Beijing had ensued after the March 13 hold by Beijing as it was clear that India will not relent on the matter.

Beijing had staunchly opposed the Azhar listing to be taken directly to the powerful United Nations body as it would have had to publicly explain its stand on its reservations to list Azhar, whose group JeM has already been designated as a terror outfit by the United Nations, before exercising its veto.

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