US Democratic senator Bennet joins crowded presidential race

US Democratic senator Bennet joins crowded presidential race

US Democratic senator Bennet joins crowded presidential race

Bennet made his announcement on "CBS This Morning".

Simple enough. Bennet's pitch: confronting "two enormous challenges" in America, (1) a lack of economic mobility and opportunity and (2) the need to restore integrity to government.

Bennet later became the superintendent of the Denver Public Schools in 2005, a position he touted in a recent Twitter post. Ted Cruz with a passionate speech that saw the usually mild-mannered senator raising his voice to accuse Cruz of crying "crocodile tears" for lamenting a tactic Cruz once used himself. However, his time as Colorado's senator offers more insights into his views on American entrepreneurship.

"That gave me a chance to think about whether I really wanted to run or not".

Bennet, asked what sets him apart from the over 20 other candidates, said three things: Honesty, ability to win tough races and bipartisanship.

"When it gets to be that blatant, the hypocrisy on the other side, you have no choice but to speak out".

Dickerson noted Bennet isn't even "the only person from Colorado who is running".

Health care is something that has been at the forefront of Bennet's agenda, especially after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, something he revealed to The Colorado Independent earlier in April. He underwent successful surgery. And he was also part of the "Gang of Eight", a bipartisan group that sought to enact comprehensive changes to immigration law.

However, Bennet took a break from politics in the late 1990s to work as the managing director for the Anschutz Investment Company, a venture capital investment firm. He has bucked the more liberal base of his party on a number of big issues, including his support of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Bennett was born in India to American parents while his father was serving as an aide to the U.S Ambassador to India. Instead, the former Denver school superintendent has focused on the particulars of legislation. He was later appointed to fill the Senate seat vacated by Ken Salazar in 2009 and promptly re-elected the following year.

Bennet spent a long weekend in Iowa in February to introduce himself to potential voters after his condemnation of Republican Texas Sen. He represents the moderate wing of the party, and presents itself as an Advocate cross-party cooperation.

Mr Bennet has been a vocal opponent in the Democratic Party of the push for single-payer health care championed by Senator Bernie Sanders, another 2020 presidential candidate. He's not going to be the last candidate to get in the race either. "He has won every political race he's entered".

Bennet's brother, James, is the editorial page editor for the New York Times.

Meanwhile, over at FiveThirtyEight, Geoffrey Skelley plots out a potential path to victory for Bennet in the nomination fight.

"When campaigning never stops, governing never begins", he said.

He joins an already crowded field of Democratic contenders including his friend and former boss, John Hickenlooper.

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