White House told witness to say Trump 'didn't obstruct'

White House counsel Don Mcgahn

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Democrats have confronted Mr Trump and his administration for refusing to co-operate with at least six congressional investigations into his presidency, his family and his business interests. McGahn's view was not disclosed in the report.

Then-White House counsel Donald McGahn at a White House Cabinet meeting on June 21, 2018.

The fight over the Robert Mueller report is far from over. "This White House will not and can not comply with unlawful demands made by increasingly unhinged and politically-motivated Democrats". All the aides denied the president's requests. But it seems Rudy Giuliani answered that question.

"President Donald Trump would like to limit" surprise health bills", the unexpected charges faced by insured patients if a part of a healthcare team that handled them is regarded as an out-of-network provider.

A Democratic-led House committee on Wednesday approved a measure to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for refusing to hand over an unredacted copy of the Mueller report on Russian election interference even as Trump invoked the legal principle of executive privilege to block its disclosure.

After a hearing Tuesday, a federal judge is also expected to rule on the House Oversight's subpoena for financial records from Trump's personal accounting firm.

"President Donald Trump says it's time to end" surprise medical bills", that may leave secured patients facing sticker shock from fees filed by physicians outside their insurance companies' networks.

The Trump Administration is doubling down its stonewalling efforts against House Democrats, accusing them of breaking "rules and norms governing congressional oversight", adding, "The White House will not and can not comply with unlawful demands made by increasingly unhinged and politically motivated Democrats". In several cases, the special counsel wrote, there was substantial evidence that the president sought to obstruct the probe, including in his interactions with McGahn.

Trump backed off that position Thursday, saying he'd leave the decision "up to our very great attorney general". McGahn prepared to resign at one point rather than carry out Trump's instructions. According to the US-based media reports, the Ex-White House Counsel was one of the key witnesses during Robert Mueller's investigation into the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 usa election. Trump said he never said the word "fire", which McGahn agreed was true, but McGahn said he strongly believed the president's intentions and actions indicated he wanted Mueller removed.

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