Apple Unveils $6000 Mac Pro, $5000 Monitor

MacBook Pro showing macOS Catalina

Apple Unveils $6000 Mac Pro, $5000 Monitor

Apple gave us a look at the future of iPad and it's one that will no doubt please professionals.

And Apple made a lot of changes that those customers have been asking for. There are several other sporadic updates across Apple's new desktop operating system, such as Photos getting updated with a new browsing view, and Notes getting a new gallery view, and Reminders getting some design tweaks. According to developers, it also works on the iPhone.

Next, the use of Xeon CPUs suggests strongly that it was premature to go with a suite of A-series CPUs even though many observers, including myself, believe that Apple will go that route eventually. The third bit of news is much more exciting - macOS 10.15! That's what Apple is calling its custom-designed Radeon cards.

First introduced in 2001, iTunes is no more with the upcoming release of macOS Catalina. It was long the most expensive computer in Apple's lineup, previously starting at US$2,999.

Good thing you can stuff four of them in a single Mac Pro, then.

After the somewhat disappointing last-generation "trash can" Mac Pro, Apple is back at it again with what is no doubt a knockout performance beast.

The new Mac Pro is out and out meant for hardcore pro users. It'll also make working on macOS easier for artists and creatives.

With Sidecar, users can easily connect their iPad as a second screen for their Mac. If that tablet has Apple Pencil support, it can also become a drawing device for Mac.

Kitchen utensil jokes aside, the new Mac Pro harkens back to the mid-2000s Power Mac G5 chassis. Throw in the base price of $5,999 of the Mac Pro itself and you are already looking at a machine that's priced at $32,500. When Apple revealed the design allows for multiple Mac Pros to fit in the same rack, I was mostly relieved to see it slotted away out of sight. Abandoning the smooth cylinder look of its maligned predecessor, the new Mac Pro looks more like a typical tower full of slots giving users the flexibility they need to fill the machine with up-to-date components as tech improves. This opens up touch and pen interaction that the Mac apps traditionally don't have.

All of these new devices will be available in the fall.

Mail in macOS Catalina adds the ability to block email from a specified sender, mute an overly active thread and unsubscribe from commercial mailing lists.

For more gear, gadget, and hardware news and reviews, follow Plugged on Twitter and Flipboard. Well, you can download it today. if you are a developer. We'll have to wait until we get the Mac Pro into PC Labs to really judge performance.

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