Crank Out The Whiskey, Netflix Has Dropped The 'Jessica Jones' S3 Trailer

Jessica Jones Season 1

Crank Out The Whiskey, Netflix Has Dropped The 'Jessica Jones' S3 Trailer

On Wednesday, Netflix shared the Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 3 trailer on YouTube, and it teases a brutal mind game that throws Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) into a frenzy to defeat Greg Salinger (Jeremy Bobb), a criminal mastermind who calls her a cheater, says she was given every advantage and allowed to make mistakes, and says she has no discipline.

"Everybody's got a story". Jessica, a former superhero who works as a private detective in Hell's Kitchen, tries to keep her potentially lethal powers on the down-low, but she ends up having to use her abilities for good against a series of enemies.

Season three of Jessica Jones will hit Netflix, June 14. The threat of Salinger is only made worse by the fact that, when Season 3 picks up, Jessica really is doing her level best to be an actual hero like her mother would have wanted.

When the Salinger problem doesn't go away, and Salinger himself enlists the help of Jeri Hogarth (Carrie Anne Moss) to protect him publicly, Jessica has to turn to Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) and her own new set of superpowers for help. Earlier today, Netflix unleashed its official trailer for season three and it looks like we're in for another extremely dark, extremely violent time. YAY! Nearly everything about Jessica Jones' last season is great, but the show really works because of Ritter. Are you excited for Jessica Jones season 3? The direction things are headed at the conclusion of Episode 8-the final episode Netflix sent us-is extremely promising, and the rest of the Season seems perfectly poised to stick the landing. Eka Darville stars as Malcolm Ducasse and Benjamin Walker stars as a new character. Despite her powers of super strength and semi-invulnerability, Jessica tends to lay pretty low, using these powers mostly to pry into cases by intimidating suspects or punching through locked doors.

That foe might be one of the biggest forces they've faced so far. However, for this final season of Jones, Ritter is stepping behind the camera to direct, so maybe there's other, even bigger opportunities in her future once Jones wraps up its run.

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