The sweetest moon of them all rises Monday morning

The sweetest moon of them all rises Monday morning

The sweetest moon of them all rises Monday morning

"When the Sun appears highest in the sky near the summer solstice, the full moon opposite the Sun generally appears lowest in the sky". Coinciding with Father's Day on Sunday, June 16, the upcoming "Strawberry Moon" will not be the only treat for this weekend: Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, will also be particularly bright and visible during this time as a result of its unusually close proximity to the Earth.

While you might think that the Strawberry Moon got its name for the fruit's similar colour to the red Moon, it's apparently come from early Native American tribes.

There it is called the Rose Moon, Mead Moon or Honey Moon - believed to be the origins of newlyweds going on "honeymoon", either because June is a popular month for weddings or because it is "the "sweetest" moon of the year", according to NASA.

A full moon is due to take place on 17 June, Monday - the sixth full moon in 2019 that is expected to peak everywhere on Earth at the same local time.

After the Strawberry Moon makes its glowing cameo tonight, the next Full Moon is the Buck Moon.

The name comes from the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries in northeastern North America. On the West Coast with Pacific Time, the peak will be 1:30 a.m. They called the full Moon that appeared at this time the "Rose Moon". While the moon won't be as colourful as ripe strawberry, it may actually change colour slightly, if you live in northern side.

But it could also glow a red hue. Simply look Southeast after dusk to see Jupiter, placed next to the moon.

The moon won't be the only celestial treat on Sunday night: the planet Jupiter will "form a handsome lineup in the sky" with the moon and Saturn. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the second summer month is the period when a "buck's antlers are in full growth mode".

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