Trump says he wants to run against Biden: ‘He’s the weakest mentally’

Mayor de Blasio receives 0% support in latest Iowa poll as Joe Biden leads crowded Democratic field

Bill de Blasio speaks to guests during a campaign stop at Rebos restaurant in Sioux City Iowa last month

Biden, who served for eight years as vice president under former President Barack Obama, and Trump were visiting the early voting farm state on the same day for the first time in the 2020 campaign cycle. "It's really easy to be tough when someone else absorbs the pain, farmers and manufacturers".

This combination of pictures created on June 11, 2019, shows U.S. President Donald Trump and former U.S. vice president Joe Biden. You could also throw in Iowa. The cashiers at Target see what's going on.

Trump is viewed unfavorably by 61 percent of MA voters in the poll, but only 41 percent favored starting impeachment proceedings against him, with 48 percent saying they shouldn't start.

Biden last week faced criticism after it was revealed that his campaign lifted passages from numerous other sources in the initial version of its climate change plan.

"The idea that he would say that the president poses any type of threat is truly laughable considering he was part of the administration that allowed Russian Federation to interfere in our election", she stated. Biden quickly retorted that the president is "literally an existential threat to this country".

Support for specific candidates, the Register suggests, is "solidifying", and Biden's once-formidable lead is normalizing into something he could, conceivably, hold through the Iowa caucuses early next year. He's beginning his trip in Council Bluffs to tour and speak at Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, which produces and sells the corn-based fuel additive ethanol, before addressing an Iowa GOP dinner in Des Moines.

Biden has events scheduled in Ottumwa, Mount Pleasant and Davenport, all in the eastern half of the Hawkeye State.

But front-runner status places Biden in the "cross hairs" of the other 23 Democrats desirous of winning the Democratic presidential nomination and the right to take on the almost-certain Republican nominee, President Donald Trump.

Trump often calls the Democrat "Sleepy Joe Biden", and recently derided him as a "low IQ individual", which he said was a purported defense of him after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called Biden a "low IQ idiot".

Biden is certainly thought to have the potential to catch up in Iowa in measures outside of polling, where the stakes are high for someone who is such a recognizable Democratic figure.

"We are in a competition with China", Biden says in the prepared remarks.

"The president's got a great story to tell, and we feel very comfortable about where we are", Sanders said.

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