Watch Dogs Legion confirmed by Ubisoft

Watch Dogs Legion confirmed by Ubisoft

Watch Dogs Legion confirmed by Ubisoft

After an important leak made yesterday, the game that was known as Watch Dogs 3 was renamed Watch Dogs Legion.

None of this should really be that surprising, as a Watch Dogs 3 using this setting has been one of gaming's worst-kept secrets for over a year now. Stoplights, cars, phones, drones, etc. could be manipulated on your command. In our review of Watch Dogs 2, we said that "flexible hacking in open missions give Watch Dogs 2 a distinctive flavor, though its story clashes with its violence".

The publisher announced the news with a short but brief teaser trailer posted on the official Watch Dogs Twitter account, alongside the words "God Save the NPCs". The leak also revealed that the game would make use of a unique mechanic that will see the player able to control any NPC in the game. Big Brother eat your heart out. A now-removed Amazon UK listing described it as a "a near-future, dystopian version of London". London makes total sense for WD, as the city has one of the highest [surveillance] levels in the world making this the ideal playground.

Watch Dogs Legion will be on show at E3.

Amazon U.K. has listed the unannounced Watch Dogs Legion for PlayStation 4.

After the leak, Amazon reacted and deleted the page, but the truth remains: Watch Dogs Legion will definitely be unveiled at the E3 2019 convention very soon. However, we'd love to see Aiden as most of the fans do, and hopefully, we'll get the first insight on that matter during E3 2019. The Watch Dogs series has underwhelmed previously - will third time be the charm?

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