Apple Unveils New Emojis Heading Next To iOS Devices

Apple Celebrates World Emoji Day With a Peek at The New Emoji Coming to Apple Devices This Fall

Apple Unveils New Emojis Heading Next To iOS Devices

World Emoji Day is held on June 17 - it's an unofficial "holiday" that celebrates the existence of emoji, the small pictures that replaced emoticons and revolutionized how people communicate.

In a major update to the Holding Hands icon, typically used to represent couples and relationships, you'll soon be able to select any combination of skin tone and/or gender to better match real life.

Apple has released previews of its newest designs to mark World Emoji Day. Apple also unveiled prosthetic arm and leg emoji. It has been added that these new emojis are based on Unicode 12.0 standard that was finalised earlier this year.

We're pleased to report than in addition to the cute animals that we come to expect from new iOS rollouts, Apple has also added some new disability emojis.

Celebrate the slow-but-inevitable demise of plain text language with a sneak peek at new emoji designs.

The tech giant revealed it will be releasing 59 new emoji in the fall. Included in the list of Emoji 13.0 candidates, users could find bison, potted plant, plunger, and headstone character at their fingertips next year if approved. The nonprofit group, mostly made up of people from large tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook, translates emoji into one standard, so that a person in France, for example, can send an emoji or a text message to a person in the US and it will look the same, no matter what brand of phone or operating system they use.

New food options- waffles, falafel, garlic and butter and animals like sloth, orangutan, flamingo and skunk, are also coming to your keyboard.

Google states that, as of Android Q, any Emoji that doesn't have a gender specified in its Unicode documentation will default to a "gender ambiguous design".

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