Blue Bell ice cream licker inspires copycats

Police Find Juvenile They Say Licked Tub of Ice Cream and Put It Back on Shelf

Do you know the woman on the right? Police say she's the ice cream culprit

A backlash to a video showing a teenager licking ice cream from a tub before putting it back on a supermarket's freezer shelf has emerged online.

"We're guarding our Blue Bell ice cream for your weekend party, what a great way to cool down in the Hot Texas heat!" the store wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post. An infectious disease specialist told the New York Times that the ice cream's low temperature and sugar content could potentially reduce the infectious risk in this particular instance.

Of Martine, police "believe it's a copycat incident", Cavalier said.

Because of this revelation, she will not be facing up to 20 years behind bars as police previously indicated was possible had she been charged with second-degree felony tampering.

Martin then sneaks a second lick after jabbing his finger into the ice cream and looking into the camera before placing it back into a freezer, video shows.

The ice cream manufacturer, Blue Bell Creameries, said the container which had been tampered with was found and removed. She was visiting her boyfriend's family in Lufkin, Texas, where the incident occurred. "We found a Tin Roof half gallon that appears to have been compromised", the company wrote in a statement.

Detectives have identified and spoken with the suspect and her boyfriend; however, they are not going to identify her because of her age.

The suspect, from San Antonio, is a juvenile, so police will not identify her. "Let's see if we can start an epidemic (literally)". Police said they have talked to the boyfriend, an adult, and are prosecutors are now considering what kind of charges he may face.

Blue Bell says the original case has been referred to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department "to pursue however it deems appropriate". "We are always looking for ways to improve, including looking at methods within our manufacturing process to add additional protection to the carton".

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