Carjacker beaten to death after stealing vehicle with small kids inside

Philadelphia man, neighborhood mob beats carjacker to death after suspect takes off with 3 kids: Cops

Car Thief Beaten to Death by Angry Mob in Philadelphia

In an apparent act of mob justice, a man was beaten to death after he tried to steal a auto with three children inside, Philadelphia police said. She had their 3 children in the auto with her and she left them there while she dashed in.

A Philadelphia father assisted by bystanders allegedly fatally assaulted a suspect who stole his girlfriend's auto with their young children inside.

Bystanders also joined in the attack on the 54-year-old man, who later died in hospital of head injuries, said detectives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He told WPVI: 'They [parents] were able to pull this auto thief out of the vehicle.

The parents, both aged 25, ran after the auto, which became stuck in traffic nearby. The police have been examining video footage to identify those involved in the assault of Hood. The children's father pulled the thief from the vehicle and began to attack him as other bystanders joined in.

"He fled on foot about a half a block".

The boyfriend, also 25, pulled the suspect from the vehicle and a short foot chase ensued, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told WPVI.

'Then other males from the neighborhood intervened and began punching and kicking the male who took the vehicle to the point where he was rendered unconscious'.

The children's parents were both taken into custody for questioning and were said to be co-operating with investigators.

Cops are now waiting for the Medical Examiner's Office to determine Hood's cause of death.

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