De Blasio promises equal pay for female athletes if he becomes president

Megan Rapinoe lifts up a trophy after winning the Women's World Cup final

Enlarge Image Megan Rapinoe lifts up a trophy after winning the Women's World Cup final. AP

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo took the opportunity Wednesday to say women's soccer players should be paid the same as male players.

Before the start of the ticker tape parade celebrating the us women's soccer team's World Cup win on Wednesday morning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo took to Twitter to announce another victory for women: his signing of "new pay equity legislation".

The "Pay Equity Bill" will, as its language stipulates, prohibit employers from paying employees differently based on "protected class status" such as gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, age, religion, military service history and so on - expanding the definition of protected classes originally included in the New York State Fair Pay Act passed in 2018, which only prohibited employers from discriminating against employees based on "sex, race and/or national origin".

Kate Lane, who watched the parade, called the pay gap "massive" for the soccer players and "across the board" for most women.

Rapinoe and the rest of the USWNT were celebrated in a parade in downtown NY on Wednesday morning.

"While Mayor de Blasio uses this victory parade to grab attention for his presidential run and advocate against pay inequality, the first responders of FDNY EMS are victims of that same inequity", a union statement read.

The U.S. women's national team has received some powerful backing in the fight for equal pay. "They're out there in the media and they're inspiring people, and that's what I feel like it's all about, so they definitely should get equal pay as a man".

The U.S. Women's National Team may be in a war of words with President Donald Trump, but former President Barack Obama is embracing the squad.

The bill introduced by Manchin would disallow federal funds from being appropriated to help support any host city, or state or local agency participating in World Cup arrangements, until such time as the U.S. Soccer Federation "agrees to provide equitable pay" to its men's and women's teams. He said women's soccer players should be paid the same as male players. "Congrats @USWNT and thanks for being such a strong inspiration for women and girls-and everybody-all across the country".

Each member of the USA women's national team earned $90,000 in bonuses for reaching the quarterfinals.

The ceremony honoring the team followed a ticker tape parade up lower Broadway's Canyon of Heroes.

It is unclear whether Senator's Manchin's bill will pass, but it is clear that Democrats will not let up on this complicated issue of pay equality in soccer to the point of being willing to hold the 2026 World Cup hostage to simplified social justice demands.

"Make this world a better place", said Rapinoe, the tournament's top scorer, who thrilled the crowd with her now-famous post-goal pose, arms aloft and a beaming smile on her face.

Cordeiro said: "We hear you, we believe in you, and we're committed to doing right by you".

"We look forward to holding those feet to the fire", she added.

And yet, despite a lackluster record, the USA men are paid significantly more than the women.

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