Facebook Event Promotes Raid on Area 51 in Amargosa Valley, Nevada

AREA 51 NEVADA USA JULY 20 2016 Digital Globe satellite image Area 51. The United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base within the Nevada Test and Training Range

313K join group pledging to storm Area 51 to search for aliens

"Lets see them aliens".

"If we [Naruto] run, we can move faster than their bullets", the description continues, referencing the Japanese animation in which characters run with their hands and arms straight behind them, theoretically to reduce air resistance.

Almost 500,000 people say they plan to raid Area 51 to "see them aliens".

Until now, a staggering 2,20,000 people have expressed their interest to take part in the event, and if it gets materialised, the United States will witness one of the most powerful public protests demanding disclosure of secrets related to extraterrestrial existence.

It will take place on September 20 and will begin at 3:00 am PDT.

The U.S. Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is shown in a satellite image, alongside an alien sculpture in Baker, California, also known as the "Gateway to Area 51". Many are still curious why it was shrouded in secrecy for so long, and why so many UFOs have reportedly been spotted in the area.

Area 51 is considered by many to be the American government's chosen location for classified alien research. According to conspiracy theorists, military personnel took the UFO that crashed in the area and stored it in Area 51 to be studied.

Although it is not yet clear what really goes on inside the base, many believe it is a testing facility for experimental aircraft and weapon systems.

Conspiracy theorists have always been alleging that Area 51, a secretive U.S. military base located in Nevada, is home to various alien activities.

He began advancing toward officers with an "unknown cylindrical object" in hand and did not heed verbal warnings to stop, so security officials were forced to open fire.

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