Labour would back Remain in referendum on Tory Brexit

Gordon Nardell

Gordon Nardell

Corbyn also reiterated calls for a general election and said his party had a "crucial, historic duty to safeguard jobs, rights and living standards, but no Brexit outcome alone can do that".

But he does not say what he would do if he won a general election and was placed in charge of the Brexit process.

As the party website proudly states, "the Labour Party has always been about people", it was formed to give ordinary people a voice and has "sought power in order to improve their lives", becoming one of the most successful social and progressive movements of a generation.

Corbyn staunchly defended Labour's position since the result of the 2016 referendum, pointing out the division Brexit had caused "in our communities and sometimes in our party".

He added that he was very grateful to those who had "made a little bit of a jump to get to a decision we can all live with".

The leader's position has shifted incrementally over time to demand a confirmatory vote on any deal that emerges on Brexit (this was not enough to save it from electoral embarrassment).

How could another Brexit referendum work?

From this silence, it can be inferred that in an ideal world, Labour would negotiate its own better Brexit, possibly then going on to implement it without a referendum.

"The Labour leader said that his Shadow Cabinet had agreed that a second referendum was now needed, after the collapse of talks with the Conservative-led government earlier this year".

But a poor showing in recent local and European elections suggests Labour is losing support to parties, including the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, that advocate remaining in the EU.

"The next election will come when it comes", he said.

"That is surely something that is very important".

Labour is to press the next Tory leader to hold a second referendum before taking Britain out of the European Union - with a commitment that the party would campaign for Remain.

Labour is now a Remain party'.

Ms Lewell-Buck, who quit her shadow minister role in opposition to a further referendum, said she was "concerned" and had a "heavy heart" over the decision. What the party is saying explicitly is that it'll try to force the new PM to hold another referendum and if that happens it will back Remain.

Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks during a rally against U.S. President Donald Trump, in London, Britain, June 4, 2019.

"Many of my colleagues have found this a very frustrating experience because they have said, 'why don't you just tell us what to think?'" In the period immediately before and after Jeremy Corbyn became leader, the membership levels increased substantially, and although they are a little bit coy about how many members they actually have; it's likely to be around five hundred and forty thousand.

"Corbyn's refusal to be honest about that fact is a deep betrayal of the people Labour used to represent".

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