Pence makes surprise visit to Chabad of Poway, Calif.

AOC Could Learn A Lot From Beto's Defense Of Border Patrol Agents In 2017

Source Christian Gooden St. Louis Post Dispatch via AP File

Later Friday, though, Pence visited an outdoor portal at the McAllen Border Station, where 384 single men were being held in cages with no cots.

Border crossings fell 28 percent from May to June, something the Trump administration attributes to increased Mexican immigration enforcement and US policies aimed at deterring migration.

Central American families fleeing violence, poverty and drought have been coming to the record numbers this year, peaking in May, when the Border Patrol made almost 133,000 apprehensions.

"Congress MUST reform our laws to end this unsustainable crisis of illegal immigration at the border", he added.

The conditions were described by a pool reporter from the Washington Post, who said the fenced cages were so crowded that it was impossible for all the men to lie on the concrete. The men said they were hungry and wanted to brush their teeth.

Dawsey writes that it was not only "sweltering hot" but that "the stench was horrendous".

"I knew we'd see a system that was overwhelmed", Pence said after his tour.

Too, the bill would enable immigration officials to deport unaccompanied children "so we can send them back to their home country, back to their parents", Graham said. At least six migrant children in border facilities have died since December.

"This isn't human. I'm not a terrorist", one man said. He said it will be created to hold single adults who have crossed the border and have been taken into custody - it will not hold family units or unaccompanied children - and that it will "provide relief for overcrowded Border Patrol" stations as the agency awaits transferring the migrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody. Detention facilities for adults - and children - swelled.

"You gotta love it when Pence immediately puts complete blame for the horrors he saw on the Dems even after they threw money at monsters", tweeted journalist Lori Lou Freshwater. There, Dawsey described seeing detainees lying on "kindergarten-like napping mats" on the floor with a "thin tinfoil-like blanket".

The Trump administration has also been under fire over conditions inside a Border Patrol station in Clint, Texas, where children were found in filthy conditions and keeping watch over younger kids amid the overcrowding.

"What you saw today was a very clean facility where people were being detained indoors", he said, "and then you saw a temporary facility that was constructed because this facility is overcrowded".

Pence said it was heartbreaking to hear from children who had walked two or three months to come to America and cross the border illegally, but he ultimately blamed Congress for failing to pass legislation that would deal with the influx of migrants at the southern border.

The committee released its own report on Friday, charging the Trump administration's child separation policy is "more harmful, traumatic, and chaotic than previously known".

Though Pence's office also extended invitations to Senate Democrats for the Friday visit, none were in attendance, underscoring the highly politicized situation as the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border unfolds.

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