PS4 EA Access release date revealed

EA Accecss for PS4

PS4 EA Access release date revealed

This will be the first time that PS4 has access to the service that was previously only available on Xbox One and PC, and the company notes that all games available on Xbox One through EA Access will be available on PS4 once the service goes live-though it's unclear if this includes last-generation games.

EA has confirmed the launch date for EA Access on PS4.

Earlier this year, EA confirmed their subscription service would come to PS4 this year. Users can either pay $5 per month or $30 for a yearly subscription. If you're not familiar with EA Access, it is a subscription service similar to that of Xbox Game Pass, except it is exclusive to EA games.

As most gamers know, EA Access has been available for Microsoft's Xbox One for nearly five years now since its debut in 2014.

EA Access also allows players to download 10 hour trials of more recent games like Anthem, while offering discounts on digital purchases of anything EA related, whether that be games, DLC or microtransactions. If you decide to sign up for a full year you really get a discount, as a one year subscription is only 29.99 - nearly a $30 savings. Your save progress carries over to the full game if you decide to buy.

EA Access operates as a different account when using different consoles. You can pay for your EA Access subscription service through PayPal or by using a credit/debit card. So gamers will have to have separate accounts for each console whether it be Sony or Microsoft.

EA Access will arrive on Sony's console on July 24th, giving you just under a month's wait left.

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