Ronald Acuna represents Atlanta Braves well in thrilling Home Run Derby

Ronald Acuna represents Atlanta Braves well in thrilling Home Run Derby

Ronald Acuna represents Atlanta Braves well in thrilling Home Run Derby

He became the youngest competitor ever in Derby history at 20 years, 114 days, eclipsing Ken Griffey 20 years, 230 days in 1990. And he put on an epic show, particularly in the second round.

Pederson opened the event with an impressive 21 homers to beat Houston's Alex Bregman (16). Guerrero and the Dodgers' Joc Pederson went at it in a semifinal showdown that lasted the equivalent of three extra innings - a 60-second swing-off, followed by a pair of three-swing swing-offs - and Guerrero needed each of his 40 homers to edge Pederson and his 39.

Ironically, Alonso has fared better against Washington pitchers than Acuña: in 47 at-bats this year, Alonso has five home runs, while Acuña has just one in 23 at-bats.

"There's so many guys that just put on a show, like Joc, he was wonderful, Vladdy, they did such a good job", Alonso said.

Therefore, both players entered a swing off where both players get three swings.

When the dust settled and the carnage was over, Vlad Jr. had set a new record, hitting 29 home runs in a single round of the Home Run Derby. The MLB baseball All-Star Game will be played Tuesday.

"I believe in God and I believe in myself but that's one hell of a player over there", Guerrero said through an interpreter to ESPN in reference to Pederson.

"Hit more home runs than the other guys".

This brought back up Acuna who hit a respectable 19 dingers but Pete Alonso squeaked by with 20 to eliminate Acuna who was visibly gassed by this point.

"Vladimir Guerrero unbelievable!" Well, at least for us folks who watch the Home Run Derby from the couch while snacking on chips.

Major League Baseball's showcase event of All-Star Week did not disappoint when it came to drama and excitement on Monday at Progressive Field. The two were tied at 29 home runs a piece after regulation, forcing a one-minute overtime period. He got $500,000 for finishing second, plus a $100,000 bonus for hitting the longest homer.

"I gave all I had".

The rookie received a $1 million prize for winning the competition, but the selfless first baseman isn't keeping all of that green.

"I feel proud of hitting 91 home runs because I broke the record".

Ironically, Alonso's parents met in Lancaster, Ohio, about 2 ½ hours from here, and a healthy number of Ohio-based family members sat in the stands and supported him and Morgan, who lives in nearby Copley.

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