Rumour: VR versions of Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed are coming

Facebook Aims to Dethrone Sony With Ubisoft VR Exclusives

Facebook's gaming initiative reportedly has a $1 billion budget. | Source Oculus

Sam Fisher could be coming to VR. If that is true then we should expect to be seeing some sort of major VR title soon. The outlet says Facebook has signed two deals for "exclusive" VR versions of both Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell - apparently, CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself has been "personally involved" in the negotiations.

The report also states Facebook is looking to acquire game studios to beef up game development for the headset. The Information reported the news this morning, although it didn't offer much detail about what those games would look like. This is where Splinter Cell comes in.

Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed owner Ubisoft has published several VR games, including the Oculus Rift launch exclusive Eagle Flight and the cooperative game Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Today, VR is more frequent. This is lower than the 33% reported a year ago. Facebook recently named former Oculus content VP Jason Rubin as their head of "special gaming initiatives".

After the hype following the wildly successful Oculus Rift Kickstarter in 2012 - which came before Facebook acquired the VR company for USD$2bn (£1.59bn) in 2014 - the VR market has settled to slow growth. The two new Oculus VR headsets - the Quest and the Rift S - only came out this past May, so it's possible we might not see Ubisoft's VR titles for another year or two. While Facebook is yet to detail Quest sales numbers, source told The Information that sales of the Oculus Quest units have gone far beyond the social networking giant's internal sales projections for the hardware. These could be smaller experiences similar to Batman: Arkham VR, previous games given the VR treatment or even full-blown titles.

Matt Kim is a reporter at IGN.

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