Samsung’s Galaxy S10 smartphones are already selling better than the Galaxy S9

CONFIRMED: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch is happening on 7 August

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Launch Event Is August 7

At best, Samsung is putting some work to bounce back on their Galaxy Fold mishaps.

These might seem like words of great despair and shame after a project (Samsung Galaxy Fold) that a company once hoped to be the pioneer of a new form factor but faced a hiccup that to put in the simplest words, was actually "embarrassing".

Samsung is giving contrition a try as the launch of its Galaxy Fold smartphone remains in limbo.

There have been a lot of leaks, speculations and rumours surrounding the Galaxy Note 10, and now finally we have a date for the device's official launch. And in that same spirit, DJ Koh was quoted in that meeting by The Independent admitting that he "pushed it through before it was ready".

In regards to recovery, the company CEO revealed that there are more than 2000 prototypes undergoing testing already. Samsung right now is focused on launching its next-gen Galaxy Note smartphone, tipped as the Galaxy Note 10. "We defined all the issues".

Samsung recently released a range of camera improvements to the Galaxy 10 and Note 9 phones, but not in the United States where the company sells slightly different variants of its flagships.

The Galaxy Fold was supposed to shift perspectives and offer the users a tablet and a smartphone in the same device and, as Samsung said, "overturn expectations and set the industry on a new path". "Some issues we didn't even think about, but thanks to our reviewers, mass volume testing is ongoing", a Tuesday report in the Ars Tecchnica quoted Koh as saying.

According to industry tracker Counterpoint Research, 16 million units of the Galaxy S10 were sold between March and May, which was more than sales of the Galaxy S9 series in the same period previous year. "Smartphones may decline but new devices will emerge", talking about a more connected world where your work could continue across various devices without having the need to carry one around everywhere.

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