Spotify Launches New Lite App for Developing Countries

Spotify Lite with simpler UI 10 MB size launched in India Heres how it works

Spotify Lite is now available for download on the Play Store. Image tech2

Perhaps, more importantly for those who don't have unlimited data plans, the app allows users to set a limit for how much data it can consume.

"We are committed to the long-term development of the music streaming industry, and the launch of Spotify Lite is another strong step in that direction", Batra added. Needless to say, any changes that you make to your Spotify account in the Lite app will save in the main Spotify app, and vice versa.

Like other Lite apps, Spotify Lite is focused on conserving data, allowing users to have greater control over the amount of data the app uses.

Spotify Lite, which is available on Google Play, has a file size of just 10MB, compared to the original app which is 28MB.

Spotify Lite is an Android application which delivers a simplified version of the main Spotify app and includes a number of features which minimise storage space and mobile data usage. When the limit is reached the app pops up a notification to ensure you don't exceed it and incur some unwanted additional charges.

Spotify, offering more than four crore songs and 300 crore playlists for music fans in the country, is available across 79 markets.

Spotify Lite is now available to download from the Play Store and even though it still is carrying a "beta" tag, the app looks pretty stable and I'm happy with it.

Though Internet connectivity in India has improved over the past couple of years, many popular app makers are making Lite apps to attract more users to its service.

Spotify has 207 million active users and 96 million of these users are Spotify Premium subscribers.

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