Wendy Williams Torpedo Dick Days Over…Need Old Dick!!

Wendy Williams

Source Page Six

The 54-year-old talk show host has confirmed she's moved on from husband Kevin Hunter - who she split from earlier this year amid reports he'd been unfaithful - but dismissed speculation she's been romancing 27-year-old Marc Tomblin, a convicted criminal who she has been seen within Los Angeles and NY recently, as she's not interested in younger men.

Wendy Williams announced big news about her health on Monday morning's episode of The Wendy Williams Show.

On Monday Wendy Williams made an announcement updating her fans on her recent dating adventures and her wellness. She conveyed she has been looking for ways to get rid of addiction video. "Mother doesn't deal with children, but it just so happens that I guess with my charm and wit, I attract people of all ages".

"And I'm a hand-holder". "I don't know how I'm doing!"

Wendy Williams has revealed she has lymphedema, a chronic condition that causes swelling in the body's tissues.

She continued, "You all think I'm messing around with a 27-year-old - 27-year-old boys, quite frankly, do find me very attractive". Wendy tearfully revealed during her Hot Topics segment.

'So Marc [Tomlin, the man she was rumored to be seeing since her divorce] is new to NY and he's having panic attacks, ' Williams said. But he's been married, his kids are in their 20s. and yes, he's black. "Yes, he's brown/black... And, you know when you're 50 you can sometimes let it all go", she gushed before assuring that he isn't washed up and is physically fit.

According to Mayo Clinic, lymphedema involves a blockage in the lymphatic system causing a build-up of lymph fluid. "I sit for 45 minutes a day".

For his part, Kevin Sr. has floated the idea that Wendy was the one driving a rift between the father and son, leveraging Kevin Jr. against her estranged husband as the divorce moves forward. "Everybody [that] comes over wants to do it".

Kevin Hunter Sr., dressed in a black t-shirt, walked into court with his son and told the judge he agreed with prosecutor's decision not to pursue charges.

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