Where Can You See the Solar Eclipse? Map & Path of Totality

Solar Eclipse 2019 Date Time Everything You Need to Know

You'll be able to view tomorrow's solar eclipse online from anywhere in the world

The ESO, a 16-nation intergovernmental research organisation for ground-based astronomy, will air the total solar eclipse from the Atacama Desert in Chile.It will switch between three telescopes to provide a complete view of the eclipse.

Unfortunately, most of the solar eclipse will occur over the Pacific Ocean, but thankfully for those in South America, they will get a spectacular sunset on the east coast because of it.

Today's Solar eclipse will be visible across Chile, Argentina, South America and South Pacific. The total eclipse will last two hours, but only be visible from land for up to four minutes.

At that time, people witnessed the first partial solar eclipse, followed by a total eclipse of the moon (January 21).

The solar eclipse that will be visible in parts of the Southern Hemisphere today will leave Chile without roughly 1,500 MW of solar power generation capacity, Chilean electricity system operator Coordinador Electrico Nacional and the energy ministry estimate.

A total solar eclipse takes place only when the three celestial bodies are in ideal alignment and the Moon casts its central shadow onto Earth's surface.

The 2019 South American solar eclipse is rather unique.

The live streaming will include live views from telescopes in Vicuna, Chile, from 3pm EDT (12.30am IST on Wednesday) to 6pm EDT (3.30am IST on Wednesday). It is the first total solar eclipse anywhere in the world since 2017's "Great American Eclipse". Only ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) certified solar filter glasses should be used to witness the eclipse.

On July 2, the world will witness Total Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan. It is also believed that the solar eclipse has an impact on the human body- both physically and psychologically.

The museum also has a dedicated app for the total solar eclipse on iOS and Android.

During totality of the eclipse, it will be possible to observe bright stars and planets in the sky.

Back then, the eclipse was just 2 minutes and 40 seconds long.

Eclipses are important because they allow experts to study the solar corona, which is actually hotter than the sun's surface. I love all the phenomena in the sky that causes people to look up and feel like earthlings.

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