Android Q’s final beta released ahead of official launch

Google releases final Android Q Beta ahead of imminent release

Android Q has a dark mode. Everything else is details

The search giant says that it will release the forthcoming and official version of Android Q in a few weeks.

The official Android Q's release date is just a few days away and we have got the final beta update to test out the rest features on the Android Q. It's not a major update like the previous updates, the company has tweaked out on the new Gesture feature. After you activate gesture navigation in the beta, this setting will let you set a preference between low and high.

What's new in Beta 6?

There is still no word on what the Android Q version will be officially called.

Google claims its research with users found that Android Q was on par in ergonomics, faster to use, and equal when accessing recently opened apps. They have also released the updated build tools on Android Studio for the testers. Moreover, API 29 SDK has been finalized in this latest update. The latest Android Q beta version 6 is for developers to make sure their apps are ready and compatible with Android Q OS.

Android UI product managers Allen Huang and Rohan Shah explain that they looked at the "very cool ideas" from not just Android Partners (OPPO, OnePlus etc) but also apps from independent developers (Fluid NG and XDA) and took inspiration from them in a bid to improve Android's system navigation. There is a 200dp vertical app exclusion limit for the Back gesture.

With the new system navigation mode users can navigate back using a left or right edge swipe, to the home screen using a swipe up from the bottom, or trigger the device assistant with a swipe in from the corners.

"Because it's never a goal to change out behavior on users, we tried several ways to enable users to distinguish the drawer gesture from the Back gesture".

Chris also tweeted addressing navigation drawers "The drawer behavior is changing. Big benefit is that this works with existing apps with "old" DrawerLayout versions". The underlying goal was to get updates iterated more quickly. If the feature is available for you now then you'll see a "Start AR" icon, press that to start AR directions.

According to a blog post by the Android team, Android Q Beta 6 includes refinements for the gesture navigation.

Android Q will be turned in the phone this week. Also, make sure to see the release notes for anticipated issues.

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