Antonio Brown and Tom Brady aren't happy about helmet switch

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady aren't happy about helmet switch

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady aren't happy about helmet switch

How would Brown show that an injury for which he attempts to hold the league liable wouldn't have happened in his old helmet?

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has also been forced to change helmets this season as the NFL eliminates certain helmet models that haven't passed the rigorous safety testing that the league requires.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown is away from the Oakland Raiders training camp, and it's unclear when he will report back to the franchise's Napa Valley headquarters. The NFL's decision means that Brown must wear one of those helmets, or sit out like he threatened.

"You get used to the same helmet for a long period of time".

The news just keeps getting worse for Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown. But the NFL will not permit use of the helmet which is now a discontinued model, because it is no longer certified by the National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

"The player can't practice or play in games with equipment that's not approved", McCarthy wrote.

On Friday, Brown had a two-hour conference call with an independent arbitrator to argue why he should be allowed to wear his older helmet, which he is thought to have been using his entire career.

Antonio Brown hasn't participated in the Oakland Raider's practice session since July 10, with the latest reason for his absence being frostbite. I can't say I agree with all of them, certainly, but I support this guy. He has a strong feeling about what he's worn on his head and we're supporting him. Whether applied to Brady, Brown or anyone else, the rule makes sense, and players need to accept it if they're going to keep playing in the NFL. I don't know why it's so important to him.

"I love the game; I love the hustle; young-in got doe he can leave the league but if I leave will the fans still gone love me man?"

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